A-level Results Day at Southfields!

It’s that time of year again.

In schools across England and Wales, students received their results for their AS and A-level qualifications today. Earlier I drove down to Southfields, taking my new baby boy Ieuan for a quick meet and greet. There I found out the results for my students– always a nervous time– and managed to catch a few of them collecting their results in the school gym.

It’s been another good year at A-level for the Southfields sixth form: and my AS group has much to be proud of. It was lovely to catch up with one of my students, clearly chuffed to have achieved an A grade. Of course, amidst the jumping for joy there’s also disappointment– but at least at AS there’s always the January resits. It’s rare that a committed student can’t improve a grade.

To everyone who has used this site in the past year to help your A-level studies, I sincerely hope that it has helped you: and I hope that you have achieved all you wanted. To my students at Southfields, I want to declare my continuing admiration and respect for your hard work and your academic success. Well done!


3 thoughts on “A-level Results Day at Southfields!”

  1. Thank you so much for your help from this website.

    I’m an A2 student in Cheshire resitting AS English literature as our class was taught very poorly last year, so I’ve been using your notes and suggestions to fill in gaps in my anthology.

    I don’t think I’d be feeling as confident about my exam tomorrow if it wasn’t for this website!

    Thanks again


  2. Studying the A-level independently from Bermuda/Japan. I’m quite worried about studying such a subject independently but your notes definitely reassure me. Thank you for such a thoughtful site. How very generous of you. There will be no resits this year so I truly hope that with your help I get it right the first time!

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