Excuses, Excuses!

Teachers I suppose are used to excuses from students. In the old days I was pretty good at them myself– or I thought I was. My brother generally got the blame for lost books and homework: blaming the dog seemed just a little… cliched. I used to arrive late for school so much that my form tutor eventually asked me if, given the multiple engine failures that it had suffered, my mother had considered buying a new car.

Today I’m making excuses again!

Because those of you who have been returning to the site recently will have noticed a bit of a fall off in the number of posts by yours truly. I have two excuses for this. Judge which is best.

First is the fact that this year’s AS students at Southfields have now moved on to A2– their second year of A-level. They sat their exam on May 23rd; their coursework was moderated a couple of days later. Then, exhaustion set in, as much as for me as for them– marking, teaching and writing notes for poems meant that I needed a rest from blogging!

Are those violins I hear? Alright: not necessarily a great excuse for slowing up on the site. So here’s excuse number 2.

On Tuesday my wife and I were lucky enough to have a beautiful, healthy baby boy– of the name of Ieuan Griffiths. The last three months have been pretty hectic, preparing for Ieuan’s arrival. Here he is:

Warning: blog saboteur at work.

Cute little guy, isn’t he! As a matter of fact, what would become this site began with notes made for my students after my first child, May, was born. She was in hospital for over six weeks, and during those early nights at home I wrote up revision notes for my class– mainly to keep busy, I think.

Well, that has grown into this. And now Ieuan, who thankfully was in hospital for less than two days, has popped into our world. I’m writing this post on paternity leave! As you might guess, though, it’s going to be a slow summer for blog posts and poetry notes. Too much baby poop and sleepless nights! Come September, however– and our  new AS group at Southfields– and you’ll find the site growing again.

Until then, all the best, and please bear with us!

3 thoughts on “Excuses, Excuses!”

  1. May Ieuan never have to face the experiences that provoked the poetry so intelligently discussed in this blog.

    Bon Chance!

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